Best Wood Stove Thermometers: 5 Picks From $8 [2021]

wood stove thermometers

There’s nothing quite like the warm glow of a wood burning stove. Despite most modern homes having comprehensive central heating systems, wood stoves are still a hugely popular feature of many homes!

wood stove thermometers

One of the big tricks with a wood stove is getting the temperature just right – you want to to ensure you have enough heat to keep warm but not so much that you overheat and the stove becomes inefficient.

Luckily, there are a wide range of different wood stove thermometers on the market that will help you keep track of the temperature of your stove to ensure you have the perfect amount of heat all year round!

In this article, we’re going to pick out some of the best wood stove thermometers on the market, comparing then on their functionality, design and price.

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Best Overall Wood Stove Thermometer – Magnetic Stove Thermometer by GalaFire

We start off by taking a look at the Magnetic Stove Thermometer from GalaFire. This magnetic reader can be placed anywhere against your wood stove to get accurate temperature readings 24/7.

Tracking temperature in both ℉ and °C, this thermometer will ensure you’re going to be taking accurate readings all the way up to 800℉/400°C. Being made of aluminium also makes it a great conductor, meaning wherever you place this device, you’ll get accurate readings.

There’s also a temperature optimisation scale, easily showing the best temperature range to have you’re stove in for perfect results.

From a purchasing point of view, this dial also comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty and at just $11.99 is a bargain price. There’s not a lot to dislike here from GalaFire, so if you need a no-fuss wood stove thermometer, this is the place to go!


  • Meausres in both ℉ and °C
  • Optimal temperature meter
  • Great price


  • None

Best Wood Stove Thermometer for Design – Inferno Stove Top Meter

Next we move onto the Inferno Stove Top Meter. Similar to the product from GalaFire, this wood stove thermometer is simple but effective, giving everything you could need to keep track of wood stove temperature.

This Inferno model does only track temperature in ℉ but makes up for that with one of the best designs we’ve seen. The mechanical marker moves around the C shaped dial aligning to a 3 part optimisation dial.

That design makes this a really easy thermometer to use and one that fits in well with the design of the stove itself, especially if your stove is black. It’s constructed mainly from ceramic whilst sitting inside a steel case for added durability.

Customers also love the fact that it’s USA made and is highly accurate, even when compared to far more expensive digital options. At around $20, you’re getting a great deal especially given that high-quality ceramic construction and super accurate readings.


  • Easy to read design
  • Optimisation meter shows multiple reading zones
  • High-quality ceramic and steel construction


  • Mechanical operation makes read speed slow

Best Wood Stove Thermometer for Price – Sunsbell Magnetic Stove Thermometer

When it comes to finding the best value, there aren’t many better wood stove thermometers than the Sunsbell Magnetic Stove Thermometer. Made entirely of metal, this wood stove thermometer makes it easy to take termperature readings in either ℉ or °C.

Whilst it won’t blow you away with its design, this termometer is easy to read and will blend in well with any traditionally black stove. It also measures right up to 900℉ (500°C) whilst incorporating an optimal heat meter around the outside.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the key feature driving us to recommend this thermometer is the price. At under $8, you won’t find better value for a wood stove thermometer that’s both functional and well reviewed. If you’re on a budget, this is the model for you!


  • Easy to read
  • Measure in both ℉ and °C
  • Best price of every thermometer in this article


  • Not the nicest design

Best Wood Stove Thermometer for Readings REOTEMP S1-F73 Magnetic Analog Surface Thermometer

If you’re eyesight isn’t the best, or you’re planning to sit further back from your wood stove, having a thermometer that’s easy to read is essential. If either of those are you, let us introduce the REPTEMP S1-F73 thermometer.

With it’s large, 2.5″ black and white dial, the real benefit of picking this thermometer is how easy it is to read from any angle. Measuring from 50℉ to 750℉, this thermometer will also give accurate readings across a massive temperature range so it’s sure to have you covered whatever the heat.

REOTEMP also give a 1 year limited warranty on this thermometer, ensuring you have peace of mind with an instant replacement if anything goes wrong. At just over $20, this thermometer also won’t break the bank and as such, is an easy recommendation from us.


  • Easy to read dial
  • Large temperature range


  • Only measures in ℉

Best Digital Wood Stove ThermometerInfrared Thermometer by SOVARCATE

To finish up, we’re giving you a final option that’s a little different from the rest. If you’d prefer a non-traditional wood stove thermometer, that gives a digital reading, check out the Infrared Thermometer by SOVARCATE

This handheld Infrared thermometer is perfect if you want a device which can measure temperature from further away, or something that is non-contact. Measuring all the way up to 1112°F, you’ll have no trouble understanding how hot your stove is as well as additional digital max/min features alerting you when your stove begins to overheat!

At just $19, it’s also not as expensive as some of the traditional thermometers we’ve seen and can be used for other temperature reading needs thanks to it’s portability. A 2 year warranty also gives you peace of mind. So, if you want something a little different for monitoring the temperature of your wood stove this model from SOVARCATE is a fantastic alternative.


  • Meausre in both ℉ and °C
  • Accurate digital readings
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty


  • Not a traditional stove thermometer

And that’s it for our roundup of the best wood stove thermometers on the market. Keeping your room at the perfect heat isn’t always easy, but with any of our wood stove thermometers you’ll be back in control of the heat your stove is pumping out!

Whether that’s with a traditional magnetic thermometer or a modern infrared alternative, there are so many different options out there to suit every taste and need – enjoy your shopping!

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