QQCute Baby Thermometer: An Individual Review

QQCute Baby Thermometer: An Individual Review

When you or a loved one becomes sick, you need to know if a fever has occurred. If you notice the same negative signs for three days then it’s time to call your doctor. If temperatures above 104°F then, it will cause seizures for your children. That’s why you need a thermometer to ensure that your child stays safe.

That’s why the QQCute Baby Thermometer is a recommended choice for parents nursing their children. Throughout this review, you’ll understand why parents tend to use this product for all of their children’s health-related needs. That being said, let’s get started!

Baby QQCute Review

Technical Specs:

  • Backlight – Helps read baby temperatures during the dark.
  • Enhanced Readings Memory – Recall and store up to 20 readings.
  • Accurate and Reliable – Clinically proven and tested to provide accurate readings when used according to instructions.
  • Fast – Reads temperature in 1 second.
  • Fever Alarm – 10 short beeps and a red backlight to warn the patient of a fever.


The QQCute thermometer is a great choice for parents and pediatricians trying to diagnose their baby’s body temperature. Once only accessible by doctors and medical experts, it is now open to the public and allows users to switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit. Find this on Amazon at a price about $21.

Users like this thermometer because they can get an accurate reading on either the forehead or the ear. Here are the instructions you’ll need to follow in order to perform proper measurements on both body parts.

How to measure temperature on the forehead:

  • Ensure that the probe cover is positioned correctly when measuring the forehead.
  • Hold the thermometer on the forehead so that it slightly touches the skin.
  • Hold the button for a few seconds to scan the forehead and then release the button.
  • After hearing a beep, you’ll receive a reading for the body temperature.
  • Repeat the following steps multiple times in order to get an average for your readings.

How to measure temperature on the ear:

  • Remove the probe cover.
  • Place the probe into the ear canal.
  • Make sure that the probe is directly on the eardrum.
  • Turn on the START button and you’ll receive a result after the beep.
  • Clean off the probe with a towel if necessary.

One thing we’ve noticed about this device is its auto shutoff feature. Users like this feature as it helps them instantly turn off their device once it’s been left on for more than 30 seconds. This saves the device’s battery power and increases its stability for long-term usage.

Also, consumers praised this thermometer for its different LED colors. The LCD screen has large numbers that are easy for users to read. Another good feature is that you can mute the beeps so that you don’t disturb your baby when making a reading.

The temperature measurement on the device is accurate once the user follows the instructions. When doing multiple tests, users found their temperatures to be the same or different by only -0.1/+0.1 increments. Thus, making it a great tool for those wanting consistent results and a reliable thermometer.

Man Holding QQCute Dual Mode Thermometer

Its compact size makes it great for parents who need an emergency thermometer. The device weighs 10.4 ounces, making it easy for them to carry it around and use it as needed. You should get this thermometer if you need a quick tool to help measure your baby correctly.

But there is one thing that consumers expressed their concern about. On rare occasions, consumers received their temperature readings 2-3° different from the original reading. We suggest that you get it repaired if this issue continuously occurs.

Overall, the QQCute Baby Thermometer is necessary for parents trying to gauge their infant or child’s physical well being. If there is a fever, the device will turn red and notify you. Buy this if you want an accurate thermometer in your household to keep your family’s health monitored to prevent fevers from occurring.

Buying Advice

Are you still wondering what makes up a good thermometer for your child? Continue reading. Fortunately, we’ve compiled verified information to help first-time shoppers get the information they need to determine the quality of each thermometer and buy one worth their money.

We’ll also tell the recommended temperature practices to ensure that you receive the most accurate readings.

For Babies Under 3 Years Old

If your infant is under 3 years old, the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that babies receive a rectal temperature reading because they are the most accurate. While you can use an armpit temperature since its easier, the results will be less accurate. For example, if the armpit temperature rises above 99°F, use a rectal temperature to increase for better results.

For Children 3 Years and Older

At this age group, using an oral temperature is recommended. However, some toddlers will have trouble keeping the thermometer in the mouth in order to make an accurate reading. Alternatively, you can use an ear thermometer to help make a good reading.

For Adults and Teenagers

You can use infrared or oral thermometers to get a reading. Since they are of age, teenagers and adults won’t have a problem keeping the thermometers. Make sure that you place the thermometer in the proper position to properly measure the temperature.

Source: picclick.com

Response Time

A digital stick thermometer takes at least 10 seconds to around 80 seconds depending on the device’s model. Infrared thermometer readings take about 1-3 second, but might not be accurate than a cheap stick thermometer.


Some thermometers have protective case covers, probe covers, and other accessories that can be a choking hazard for children. If your model has small sticks or parts, keep them away from your children to ensure that they remain safe.

The Verdict

The QQCute Baby Thermometer is perfect for parents trying to monitor their child’s health. It has a backlight screen, a fever alarm, an auto shutoff feature, and a provides in 1 second. Mainly, you should get this device if you’re serious about checking you and your child’s health to reduce the severity of future features.

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