Ozeri Baby Scale Review

Ozeri Baby Scale Review
Ozeri All-in-One Baby and Toddler Scale



Design, Precision, Built-in memory, Unit button


Baby needs to be perfectly still while measuring


The Ozeri All-In-One Baby and Toddler Scale combines weight and height measurement technology

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Having a baby comes with so many worries and things to be mindful of, and by the end of the day, you can easily forget what’s most important. One of the biggest indicators of baby and toddler health we have is their height and weight, showing us everything we need to know with one simple reading.

Whether you have concerns over breastfeeding or just want to know that they’re tracking along as should be expected, the only true way to tell is by checking in on their height and weight. With one simple measurement, you can get peace of mind that everything is doing okay and then get back to enjoying your little one.

Usually, finding a quality set of scales would only be possible when you make a visit to the pediatrician or doctor, and in between visits you have no real way of knowing how their growth is going. For many parents, having a set of their own medical grade scales for measuring babies and toddlers would be a simple investment that would mean a lot.

Ozeri has designed this very product, with high-quality scales that measure the height and weight of your babies and toddlers. Designed for home use or in a medical setting, you’ll have the one tool you need to keep track of their development and earn the peace of mind that every new parent needs in those early years.

About The Product

Pediatrition Using Baby Scale

Ozeri is a leading manufacturer of products for the home, with a special focus on those that blend modern technology and innovation with usefulness and practicality. They have a great range of digital scales for all uses, and their All in One Baby and Toddler Scale is one of their biggest selling products.

The Ozeri Baby and Toddler Scale was designed to give parents peace of mind and allow them to keep track of their child’s growth. Rather than waiting months in between appointments or not knowing how things are going in those newborn days when height and weight is so important, this gives you a simple tool to do it all.

When you compare these scales to a professional set that you might find at the doctor’s office, there’s really no difference. You’ll get all of the necessary functions and quality craftsmanship that a professional scale would have, and the following features:

  • All in one design means scale can measure both height and change
  • Detection monitor can show growth and loss
  • Weighs within 0.1 oz for accuracy
  • Can weigh up to 55 lbs in size
  • Built-in memory for up to eight children
  • Tare function to remove the weight of diapers/clothing
  • The unit function can be changed to suit measurements
  • Head circumference measuring tape as a bonus

These scales are great for anyone with children and babies, or those expecting a little one soon. They also make a great gift for expectant parents and one that will be used regularly and much appreciated.

What Others Say

The Ozeri Baby and Toddler Scale is a godsend for many parents, and especially those who have had problems with their child feeding. As it can record such a small change in measurement, you can easily see how much milk they’re getting and whether or not it’s adequate.

This has everything you could ask for in a scale and it’s so easy to use, which is a bonus for busy parents. When you’re able to keep track of your child’s growth like this it can help you relax. For parents of newborns and babies, this is the one that we could all use more of.

There are a few complaints about this scale in that the baby needs to be perfectly still when you weigh them otherwise it won’t be accurate. Anyone with children knows how hard this can be, so you may have to be patient with it. There is a hold button put there for this reason but it’s not as accurate as other weights so it’s probably best not to use it.

Buying Advice

Ozeri Scale Package

To get your hands on the Ozeri All in One Baby and Toddler Scale, you don’t need to go searching for a medical supply store. Amazon has this innovative and practical scale on their marketplace and for a great price as well.

Currently, you’ll pay around $50 for the medical grade scale that suits both babies and toddlers, which is an investment worth its weight in gold. In addition to the discounted price, you’ll pay nothing for the shipping costs. If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, you’ll also receive free shipping but it will be sent express so that you can start using the scale within just two days.

They offer a 12-month limited warranty on the scales for customers within the US, but not for those outside of the country. To make the warranty even more protective, you can invest in an Amazon Protection Plan which adds three more years of cover for around $6.

This means you’ll get four years of warranty for under $10, and it will last through all of the toddler years.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been searching for a quality pair of scales that will help you keep track of your little one’s growth and development, the Ozeri All in One Baby and Toddler Scale is one of the better choices on the market. This has all of the functions and features you’d find at a doctor’s office but at an affordable price so you can do all of their tracking at home.

Having a baby is stressful enough and not knowing for sure how their development is tracking can be an added stress you don’t need. To get the Ozeri All in One Baby and Toddler Scale for yourself at home, click here to see what it has to offer.

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