Seven Natural Remedies For High Fever

Seven Natural Remedies For High Fever

The human body is a fascinating thing, and when we get a fever people are often quick to assume it means the worst. A fever is just a natural response by our body that is best thought of as a symptom of another condition or illness, and it doesn’t always mean something has gone wrong.

The first thought for many of us when fever strikes is to reach for the medicine and try to bring it down, but with more and more people looking for the natural approach to everything in life, there are actually quite a few home remedies you might want to consider first.

Man with a fever.

Here is our list of the top seven natural remedies for fever in adults that you can try the next time your temperature gets high.

#1: Lukewarm Water

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when using natural remedies for fever is to try and use icy or cool water to bring their temps down. This can actually cause the body to go into shock and is quite dangerous, so instead opt for lukewarm water.

You can run yourself a slightly warm bath and soak in it to bring your temperature down or give yourself a sponge bath with a washer and lukewarm water, paying special attention to your forehead, under your arms, and along your abdomen.

This certainly beats showering as you can save your energy by laying down and you can ask someone to help if you’re feeling especially weak.

#2: Apple Cider Vinegar

This is a natural miracle that seems to be used for all kinds of ailments, and luckily it can be useful for bringing down a fever, too. Apple cider vinegar is apparently ideal for fevers as it contains the stuff that helps to draw out the fever, however, for the most part, this is still just an old wives’ tail.

If you’re looking for a natural approach to treating a fever, try soaking a pair of bedsocks in a mixture of one part apple cider vinegar to one part water, and then wear them on your feet. You can either wrap the socks around entirely or use them as a sock and put them straight on, but either way, they’re meant to be great at bringing your temperature down.

#3: Hot Ginger Tea

If you’re suffering from a cold or flu and feeling stuffed up as well as hot, ginger tea can be an amazing home remedy to try. Thanks to the amazing natural powers of ginger, it’s often thought to be a great way to treat colds and when you drink it hot it can help increase your body temperature even more, allowing you to sweat out and break the fever.

Ginger tea can be purchased in a tea bag or made using a mixture of freshly grated ginger strained through a filter, with the option to add in some honey if you’re looking for extra soothing powers. According to the experts, ginger has plenty of anti-inflammatory properties that are ideal for sick people and the heat will be nice and soothing, too.

#4: Bone Broth

We all know how helpful it can be to get a big bowl of chicken soup when we’re unwell, but it seems there might be more medical value to this delicious meal that we first thought.

Bone broth.

Bone broth features some of the most important ingredients to curing fevers, including calcium which is great for treating high temperatures and cartilage which supports healthy immune function.

If you’re not feeling well enough to make yourself some bone broth you might need to phone a friend, otherwise get some prepared and in the freezer for when the worst happens. This is an easy meal to digest even if you’re suffering from the stomach flu and might be the lifesaver you’re looking for when you’re really sick.

#5: Spicy Food

If you’ve ever had a truly spicy dish before you’ll know just how much impact it can have on your body temperature, and this is especially true when you’re feeling sick already. One of the best natural remedies for bringing down a fever comes from spicy food, but there’s no need to prepare a gourmet feast just to benefit.

While it would be great to have a chili soup or Thai stew on hand when you have a fever, you can do something as simple as sprinkle a little cayenne into a hot tea or onto your food in order to get the benefits. The sweating that happens because of the heat will help knock your fever on the head.

#6: Water

There isn’t much that h2o can’t cure, so why not put it to work when you have a fever? Our bodies go through a lot when we’re sick and it can be hard to remember our water intake, but this miracle drink can actually be the key to bringing fevers down and getting us better, faster.

Aim to drink at least eight glasses a day when you’re sick, and more if you can keep it down, and it will help to hydrate your body and flush out any of those toxins that might be making you feel worse for wear.

#7: Rest

It might sound like a no-brainer but the key thing to do when you’re suffering from a fever is getting some rest.

Woman lying in bed.

Home remedies for fever will only work if you’re giving your body a chance to recover, so put your feet up and get comfortable in order to bring your temperature back down to a normal range.


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