Health O Meter 2-In-1 Baby Scale Review

Health O Meter 2-In-1 Baby To Toddler Scale Review

If your precious newborn struggles to grow within a healthy weight range, you are likely to take frequent weight measurements for monitoring his health.

But you don't have to wait for a doctor's appointment to see if your baby's weight is developing the healthy way. The market features products with essential functions for maintaining a healthy weight.

Baby Standing On Scale

Thanks to a large variety of options, choosing the best scale for your child's growing needs can be tricky. No matter which device you choose to purchase, make sure it always fits your needs. It should be easy to use and carry around.

Since most babies are likely to lose weight within their initial months, it is necessary that you use a reliable scale to take accurate measurements. This step is essential to make sure you are providing your baby with proper nutrition to support his growth.

About The Product

There aren't too many scales in the market that match the performance of the Health O Meter Grow with Me 2-in-1 Baby to Toddler. This brilliant weighing scale is capable of converting into a teddy bear shaped scale and offers a jaw-dropping capacity of almost 60 pounds. Some notable product features:

  • Gives precise measurements to check your newborn and toddler’s weight
  • The Hold feature captures accurate measurements even when the baby is moving
  • Impressive LCD digital display
  • The infant tray has a security lock for safety
  • Comes with a Growth Chart Book and a 10-year-old limited warranty

One of the best features of this product is the highly informative Growth Baby Book inside. Thanks to this valuable item, you can monitor the height and weight of your baby as it contains national averages from birth to 36 months. Buyers also benefit from a toddler shoe size chart as well as a tooth tracker.

The scale operates with a 9-volt battery (sold separately). Thanks to its impressive and large LCD, you can quickly figure out increments in kilograms/grams and pounds/ounces.

If your pediatrician has advised you to monitor your child's fluctuating weight, this scale offers a safe, convenient and accurate way to avoid malnutrition or obesity. Another great thing is that it can easily convert to a toddler scale which means this is a one-time investment to monitor your baby's weight. 

It boasts a contemporary design and the materials used in its construction are safe for your children. Thus, the Health o meter Baby to Toddler scale is a popular choice among new parents. The product is also a favorite gift to someone who is in need of a premium-quality and an accurate weighing scale.

It offers precise results within 0.5 ounces or 0.1 kg of accuracy. Thanks to a Hold feature, you can take accurate measurements even if your little one is jumping up or down in the scale.

Readings are visible and accessible to read, thanks to a large LCD. Other notable features are its curved design to prevent your active infant to roll from side to side. There is also a security lock that adds to the stability of the infant scale during use.

Baby Scale Monitor

As soon as your baby becomes too big for the scale tray, users can conveniently remote for using the device as a step-on scale. This feature implies you can use this scale not just for infants but also for your toddlers.

With an incredible capacity of 60 pounds, the product is built to cater to everyone.


  • Converts from a tray to a platform
  • Impressive 1.2 inch LCD
  • Comes with a growth chartbook
  • Zero out feature to subtract the weight of diapers and clothing


  • Some users report that buttons need a lot of force to press
  • Batteries not included and are sold separately

The scale guarantees accurate weight measurement with a Hold feature that gives an average reading when the baby is active and moves on the weighing scale. The Zero Out feature takes care of the additional weight owing to clothing, blanket or diapers.

What Others Are Saying

Buyers who have purchased the Health o meter Grow with Me Scale praise the device for its design, top-quality construction, and incredible accuracy. Thanks to a Healthy Growth Baby Book that comes with the purchase, parents can easily keep track of the weight of their toddlers.

With other fun elements like the shoe size diagram and tooth tracker, the scale offers a lot more than just weight management capabilities.

The device received a fair share of positive reviews and is one of the most successful and popular weighing scales for infants and toddlers. It offers precise results, and you can select between pounds or kilograms with just a touch of the button.

Buying Advice

Consumers who are looking for an affordable weighing scale for their babies find it a great product to keep a regular track of their baby's growing needs. Parents can safely use the device without having to worry about the safety features.

Health o Meter Baby Scale (2 in 1)


It offers precise measurements to weigh a baby. When checking your baby's weight, the scale provides a stable base to prevent the tray from moving. Buyers are also happy to get a scale that features incredible convertibility for measuring a baby up to 60 pounds. The model is a great product to purchase and is available on Amazon for almost $42.

Final Verdict

The Health o meter Grow with me scale is one of the most popular models that come at an affordable price. It comes with excellent safety features and an impressive LCD digital display to offer accurate results. The device also comes with an outstanding 10-year limited warranty.

Undeniably, this scale is great for taking regular measurements without having to go to a pediatrician. The scale is also useful for busy or nursing mothers who are in need of a quick solution to monitor their baby's weight.

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