The Forehead Thermometer Guide

The Forehead Thermometer Guide

There are some staple items that every household has in their medicine cabinet or supplies kit, and the thermometer is certainly one of them. For hundreds of years, these handy little devices have been able to tell us the temperature of a person using a delicate design and a lot of patience, giving us a clearer picture of their health.

After hundreds of years, though, the thermometer has progressed to something completely different, and completely revolutionized the way we use these devices around the home and for our family.

Digital Thermometer In Hand

What used to take minutes to get an often inaccurate reading anyway, is now done in a matter of seconds and with guaranteed accuracy thanks to the forehead thermometer design.

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A forehead thermometer comes in many different models and types, and all of them with features intended to make life a little easier when caring for a loved one or yourself when you might be under the weather.

Just this one simple device can give you peace of mind on your child’s health status, and allow you to track whether they might be getting better or worse, so you can seek out professional medical advice if so.

As the technology becomes more commonplace, forehead thermometers are now more affordable than ever, and so what once was a high tech gadget only used by doctors and hospitals is available to the everyday household to monitor their family’s health.

If you’re thinking of the essential items for your medical supplies at home, there’s no way you can be without a quality forehead thermometer.

How Does A Thermometer Work?

Standard thermometers are made with a glass tube usually filled with mercury which expands and rises when hot, to show you the temperature of the person who is using it.

However, forehead thermometers are a lot more advanced than that and are able to get the temperature of a person without ever touching their skin which is why they’re often referred to as non-contact thermometers.

Foreheard thermometers rely on infrared energy to get their readings, which radiates from the patient’s forehead. The energy is collected by a lens located on the front of the thermometer and then converted to the temperature and displayed on the screen.

Many of these forehead thermometers also allow for ear readings as well but use infrared to measure the infrared emissions within the eardrum. Most families have at least one thermometer at home, as they’re ideal for checking the temperature of a loved one when you suspect they might be sick.

Woman Measuring Forehead Temperature

For children, temperatures are almost always a sign of an infection and may need further medical advice, but often if you have a quality thermometer at home you are able to monitor this yourself and see if any action is needed.

For this reason alone, using a forehead thermometer is the quickest action you can take and one that can be done without troubling your sick child.

The ability to pick up temperatures using infrared energy and no contact whatsoever means you can allow your child to sleep without disruption by simply pointing the thermometer at their forehead and pressing the button.

The Importance Of Having A Quality Thermometer

Particularly during flu season, it seems that someone in the family is sick one after the other. While there isn’t much you can do for colds and flus, you can help make your loved ones more comfortable by having a good idea about their temperature and what it might be saying about the status of their health.

A raised temperature is completely normal as our bodies do this when they’re trying to fight off an infection, and so when they’re at a manageable level there’s no real danger.

According to WebMD, the best thing to if you detect a fever with your thermometer is monitor the child or adult and try to make them as comfortable as possible by dressing in cooler clothes and possibly offering acetaminophen or ibuprofen if suitable.

When fevers spike above 104 F or higher in children, you will need to seek medical attention, as there are some complications which can arise. The urgency of this, and the need to keep your child comfortable and cared for when they’re feeling unwell highlights how important it is that your home thermometer is both accurate and easy to use.

While the traditional glass thermometers might have eventually gotten you the temperature result, they could take a long time to warm up and get there, and when your child is sick the last thing you want to do is add further stress by waiting.

Measuring Baby's Temperature With Digital Thermometer

All homes should have a fast, efficient, and accurate forehead thermometer so that they can be sure their child is receiving the recommended medical support they need, by monitoring them closely at home.

The Many Types Of Thermometers

Throughout the years, we have seen many variations of thermometers come and go, and today especially there are still quite a few options available.

Each of these has their own unique design and operates quite differently from the other, and you’ll find that most households over time have had at least one of these styles of thermometer in their medicine cabinet.

Digital Thermometer

These are usually a mix of the traditional style of thermometer with something more modern. Their design incorporates a digital screen which displays the result, and a temperature sensing probe usually made from metal that is placed under the patient’s tongue or underarm.

The different sensors used include resistance temperature detector, thermistor, and thermocouple.

Electrical Ear Thermometer

These thermometers use a very sensitive temperature gauge situated on the thermometer which is held via the hand. The small sensor can be covered with disposable plastic casings for hygiene, and is placed into the ear and pointed down toward the cheekbone.

These are known to be extremely accurate as they get a clearer indication of temperature inside the body, however, they can be hard to use on smaller children and babies. The ear thermometer senses infrared emissions in the ear to tell the temperature, which is then displayed on a digital screen.

Forehead Thermometer

Commonly referred to as a non-contact thermometer, these are the most innovative of the modern designs. This uses an infrared scanner to pick up the energy from your forehead and display a digital reading. A forehead thermometer is ideal as it can be used on patients of all ages, and can usually display readings within a second or two.

Man Measuring Temperature With Digital Thermometer

Glass And Mercury Thermometer

These are the most popular of the older styles of thermometer, featuring a glass tube which is usually filled with mercury or alcohol. Although they were popular for many years, it became evident how unsafe they were due to the glass casing and mercury content, and so they are rarely used anymore.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, spilled mercury can be toxic to humans and animals, and so it’s best to avoid these types altogether.

With so many different options now available, it’s really up to you to decide which one best suits your family. However, with the technology now more available to everyday users and not just medical professionals, more people are leaning towards the simplistic and accurate benefits that a forehead thermometer can offer.

The Forehead Thermometer Revolution

For anyone who’s tried to take the temperature of a wriggling child, sleeping baby, or irritable adult, you know it can be near impossible. While you want to give up on the task altogether, having a patient’s temperature is often one of the only indications we have as to the status of their health.

For these reasons alone, the forehead thermometer became a quick stand out when compared to other designs and is still going strong as the most popular today.

The future of forehead thermometers is even more exciting, with updates to the design now offering less invasive use and even clearer results that can be tailored specially to the patient.

Some brands can now offer a forehead scanner that will send results directly to your smartphone and give detailed information on the patient’s temperature based on their age and situation with an analysis of their overall health.

Although this is probably too high tech for most homes at this point in time, it gives us an idea of where exactly the technology is heading and what home medical supplies might look like in the very near future. 

Holding Forehead Thermometer

Forehead thermometers are just the beginning of a whole range of easy to use, accurate, and professional grade equipment that is now available to the average home across America.

The Advantages Of A Forehead Thermometer

If you’re in the market for a new thermometer for home but haven’t yet decided which one is best, you might want to consider the advantages that a digital forehead thermometer has over the other styles.

  • Safety – Using a forehead thermometer as compared to a glass and mercury one is far safer as there’s no risk of broken glass or spilled mercury. In addition, they are usually designed with smooth edges which aren’t harmful to children and have an ergonomic grip
  • Ease Of Use – A forehead thermometer has just one of two buttons, and you simply aim it at the patient’s forehead and press the button. They’re impossible to get wrong and can give a result in a matter of seconds
  • Comfort – Because they are non-contact and noninvasive, forehead thermometers offer the most comfort for the patient, which is particularly ideal for babies and children who are already feeling unwell

The Different Kinds Of Forehead Thermometers

Within the scope of the forehead thermometer, there are two main types. The forehead strip thermometer and the temporal artery thermometer are the most popular designs, and each has their own benefits and mode of operation.

Forehead Strip Thermometer

When compared to the digital style of thermometer we know today, these might look a little outdated. However, they’re great to have on hand for an emergency and are completely safe to use for patients of all ages.

Woman Holding Forehead Strip Thermometer

A forehead strip thermometer is a basic design which has heat sensitive liquid in a plastic shell. When you hold the plastic up to your child’s forehead it will show on a color guide where their temperature is sitting, and they are relatively easy to read.

Parents favor these because they’re great for small children and babies as they contain no glass, mercury, sharp edges, batteries, or anything else which could pose a risk.

Although these are non-invasive, they can be hard to use on a child that won’t sit still and aren’t as accurate as some other methods. However, many homes swear by these for a general guide to checking their child’s temperature and love how simple they are to use.

Temporal Artery Thermometer

The temporal artery thermometer is a little more modern in its design and comes with its own set of benefits. A temporal artery thermometer uses an infrared scanner to check your temperature, by having a sensor measure the heat coming from your forehead.

Specifically, they scan the temporal artery which is able to give off an accurate level of heat in regards to one’s body temperature. Some of the benefits of using this type of thermometer are that they’re completely noninvasive and there’s no need to even touch a child for them to work.

However, because they can’t get inside the body the way an oral or ear thermometer might, it’s believed that can be slightly off by under a degree in terms of temperature. In terms of modern thermometers, though, they are still considered one of the best available for home use.

Every type and brand of forehead thermometer come with their own guidelines for use, however, in general, they are easy to use and great for instant results. To use a temporal artery thermometer, follow these simple steps:

  • Remove any dirt or hair from the patient’s forehead for a more accurate reading, and position the thermometer in front of the forehead in between the eyebrows up to 5cm away from the skin
  • Press or hold down the button corresponding to the forehead thermometer, and wait for the beep or light to indicate that it is complete
  • Check the reading on the screen, and if necessary follow the steps again to take another test and verify that the temperature recorded was accurate

Some of the more modern forehead thermometers even have a memory recall function which can be accessed by the results screen.

This allows you to check previous readings of a patient, so it’s particularly helpful if you’ve been tracking a child’s fever and you want to see how they’re progressing. You might even find other useful features such as verbal results, backlights, replaceable batteries, or charging stations.

How To Calibrate Your Forehead Thermometer

Just as you would with any piece of technical or mechanical equipment, your forehead thermometer requires some maintenance from time to time. To ensure it’s always working its best and giving you the most accurate result possible, one of the most important parts of this maintenance is calibrating the device.

  • Take a large glass of water and fill it with ice as far as possible, and then add a little bit of water to the glass without overfilling. Give it a few minutes to soak in and build some condensation on the glass
  • Get your thermometer and aim it at the glass, being careful not to wet the sensor or rest of the thermometer and press the button for a reading
  • If the temperature does not display 32 degrees Fahrenheit for freezing, you will need to calibrate it to fix the device
  • Find the reset button or how to activate the reset of the thermometer by checking the owner’s manual, and press this down until it has been reset. Once complete, do the test again with the freezing water until you are satisfied that it has calibrated correctly

Although this is the most basic way to test and calibrate your thermometer, some of the more modern varieties come with their own auto calibration function which can be used regularly to keep your device working correctly.

However, as parents, we are often the best judge of when our child is feeling hot and so if you think that they may have a fever which isn’t being picked up by your thermometer, seek out a second opinion.

Top Manufacturers Of Forehead Monitors

Once you understand just how vital it is to have a working thermometer at home, you’ll want to invest in something quality. These brands are just a few of the top rated manufacturers of forehead thermometers, and so you can put your trust in any of them to provide your family with an accurate and efficient model.

Innovo Forehead Thermometer On Grey Background


An Innovo Forehead Thermometer is a great investment, as this company specifically makes thermometers designed for home and professional use. They are affordable and easy to use, without going too heavy on the additional features that might complicate what should be a simple device.


For those who are happy to spend more than average, a Braun forehead thermometer is a great addition to your home’s medical supplies. Braun is known for making great products for the home with everything from men’s shavers to digital thermometers, so you know you can trust them to deliver something quality.


This brand is synonymous with providing caring medical accessories for our families, and the range of Vicks forehead thermometer products is some of their most popular devices. Filled with the latest technological features, these are ideal for households with small children who want an easy to use and a modern variation of the digital thermometer.

As these styles of thermometers become more popular, it’s likely to find hundreds of variations available to purchase.

Provided you choose something that has solid reviews by families and medical professionals online, a good warranty period offered by the manufacturer, and a simplistic design that will make life easier when your child is sick, you’ll be sure to choose a winning forehead thermometer.

Final Thoughts

Our bodies are amazing things and in particular, the way they can raise our temperature just to allow us to fight off diseases and infections. While they get to work on the tough stuff like this, though, it’s always ideal to have a good idea about what exactly our body temperature is doing so we can be aware of the necessary steps to take.

Dealing with a fever in a baby or child can be extremely stressful, too, and so no home should be without a quality forehead thermometer.

Measuring Forehead Temperature

Where it was once thought that these high tech thermometers were best left to hospitals and doctor’s surgeries, we now have access to them at affordable prices.

Not only are they well within the range of most family’s budgets for medical supplies, but they’re just as accurate as a hospital grade device so we know we are offering the same level of care for our family.

No matter which of the top rated brands you choose to make your forehead thermometer, you know you’re getting a quality product if you stick to the best. Your family’s health isn’t something you want to skimp on, so take your time to look around at what the best brands are offering and which functions and features will suit your home best.

Remember, having a fever or rising temperature doesn’t always mean that something is wrong, but it’s an indication that we should be helping our loved one feel comfortable and happy any way we can.

With just this one small instrument, we’re able to get a clearer picture of the patient’s health and take the relevant steps to make them better again, and it’s a simple item that no home should be without.







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