Dr. Madre Digital Thermometer Review

Dr. Madre Thermometer Review

As parents, there’s nothing worse than seeing our children feeling sick and unwell. In an effort to help them recover and get them feeling as comfortable as possible, it’s essential to have everything we need at home and ready to go should they ever start feeling a little worse for wear.

By far one of the most important pieces of medical equipment that no home should be without is a thermometer, as having fevers can not only be extremely uncomfortable for your child but they can be an indication of something more serious. 

Scanning Young Boy Forehead

For this reason, having a quality thermometer in your house is essential for the health of your children and the rest of the family too.

However, many thermometers are just not practical to use, and while they might be able to give an accurate reading sometimes it can be hard to get your child to sit still long enough to do so. What families need is a simple and quick way to get an accurate result of your child’s temperature that causes them as little stress and worry as possible.

The Dr. Madre Forehead Thermometer has been designed to eliminate this exact problem, with an accurate reading of a temperature by simply holding it near the patient’s forehead.

This infrared thermometer can do a quick scan of yours or your child’s forehead and deliver a quick result, so it’s one of the most painless things you can do to monitor the health of your family.

About The Product

With a focus on child health, Dr. Madre is known for creating products that have been designed to make caring for your kids easier and more effective than ever. The Dr. Madre’s Forehead Thermometer is a good example of their innovative range, with a simple to use forehead thermometer that can be read quickly and accurately.

As one of the most important parts of medical equipment that no family should be without, it makes sense to invest in something as innovative as this. When you purchase the Dr. Madre’s Forehead Thermometer, you’ll be getting such features as:

  • Talking thermometer can read results in Spanish or English
  • Silent mode capable for ease of use
  • Instant results after scanning 2-4” from child’s forehead
  • Backlight display for readings in the dark

The Dr. Madre’s Forehead Thermometer uses specialized infrared technology to allow you to scan your child’s forehead in order to read their temperature. This is ideal for anyone with children, toddlers, and babies, who have found it hard in the past to get them to sit still or not wake them as they check their temperature.

Dr. Madre Digital Thermometer Features

Dr. Madre has really thought of everything when designing the Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer. They have listened to the concerns and needs of parents everywhere and create this simple to use and effective thermometer for monitoring the health of the whole family.

Pros And Cons

The best thing about this thermometer is just how easy it is to operate, with only one touch of a button required. For anyone who has struggled with different types of thermometers in the past and had a hard time getting accurate readings, you’ll really appreciate the simplicity of the Dr. Madre’s Thermometer.

One slight issue with the Dr. Madre’s Non-Contact Thermometer comes with the noise levels, which could have easily been fixed with the silent mode function.

However, all the silent mode does is turn off the talking results so you’re still left with a loud beep when they show up. If you’re trying to get results from a sleeping baby or child, there’s a possibility this could wake them up.

The beeps aside, there’s no doubt that the best part of this thermometer is the ability to get an accurate reading without ever touching the child. This is perfect for those that can’t sit still or are already irritable from being sick, as you can simply hold it up to their head and get results in under a second.

Buying Advice

It’s no surprise that buying medical supplies in the store can be costly and time-consuming, so heading online is the best place to purchase them. The Dr. Madre’s Non-Contact Thermometer is available for a great price through Amazon with the added bonus of never having the leave the house to get it.

For under $30 you can get this thermometer sent to your door, and it even includes free shipping for Amazon Prime members. Dr. Madre offers a full two-year warranty on this device as well, which is far more than you’ll find on other digital thermometers, so one simple purchase can last your family for a long time.

Dr. Madre Digital Thermometer Package

Source: drmadre.com

If you’re looking for more protection than this, you can invest in an Amazon Protection Plan which gives you three years for just over $4. This will cover you for mechanical and electrical failures after your warranty period has expired, meaning the Dr. Madre’s Non-Contact Thermometer can offer up to five years of coverage.

Final Thoughts

No family should be without a quality thermometer to take care of the entire household, and the Dr. Madre’s Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer is exactly the type of device you should put your trust in. This simple thermometer offers a no fuss approach to caring for your children, and it couldn’t be easier to operate.

If you want the added assurance of knowing when your kid might be feeling unwell, you shouldn’t be without a quality thermometer like this. Click here to purchase the Dr. Madre’s Forehead Thermometer, and give yourself peace of mind that your loved ones are always going to be cared for.

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