7 Best Water Thermometers For Every Need (Cooking, Baths, Ponds & More)

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There are many different reasons you may need to keep track of water temperature. Whilst you might not realise it, whether it’s for cooking, your aquarium or a baby’s bath time, water temparature effects our lives each and every day.

Luckily, there’s a wide range of different water thermometers on the market each specially designed to be perfect for your individual needs.

So, if you need to keep track of your local water temperature, keep reading for our picks of the best thermometers for water which are available to buy in 2021. 

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Best Overall – Yacumama Digital Water Thermometer

If you’re looking for a water thermometer that ticks all of the boxes at a great price, we’d recommend the Digital Water Thermometer by Yacumama.

It combines an easy-to-read digital screen, simple two button operation, 5″ probe and is fully water proof. It combines everything you need for measuring water temperature in a small and simple chasis.

Yacumama provide a lifetime warranty on the model meaning if anything goes wrong it’s easy to get a straight swap or your money back. At under $10, it’s also an absolute bargain to get you measuring straight away.


  • Easy to read screen
  • Good price


  • None

Best Water Thermometer for CookingThermoPro TP-02S Instant Read Thermometer

A thermometer is an essential tool when cooking. Getting the perfect temperature for boiling water, cooking meat, or baking can mean the difference between success and diaster! Luckily, the TP-02S Instand Read Thermometer from ThermoPro is the perfect cooking companion.

The fast read meter provides highly accurate temperature measurments in just 4 seconds across both ℉ and °C. It has a long, 5.3″ probe, wipes clean, is waterproof and comes equipped with a probe tip cover to keep everything clean and tidy when rustling up your next meal!

At around $10, it’s great value for a water thermometer that’s perfect for the kitchen ensuring you can get accurate water and food readings in a matter of seconds.


  • Digital Display
  • Fast readings
  • Measure in ℉ and °C


  • No lifetime warranty

Best Thermometer for Hot DrinksKT THERMO Instant Read Dial Thermometer

Most of us drink at least one hot drink a day and when it comes to creating the perfect coffee or hot chocolate, we know that getting the perfect temperature is key for the perfect drink. If you want to get it just right, we’d recommend the KT THERMO Instant Read Dial Thermometer.

With it’s extra long 6.7″ probe and small 1″ dial, this water thermometer is perfect for taking accurate readings in bottles, glasses or containers of any size. This is the first thermometer we’ve featured with a manual dial and whilst it’s not as precise as a digital model, it’s old school design will make you feel like you’re in your favourite coffee shop!


  • Small size
  • Clear manual dial
  • Complete with holder


  • Only measures in ℉

Best Water Thermometer for Bathtimeb&h Baby Thermometer

Now it’s time for something a bit different. Those with children will know how important it is to keep the bath water at the perfect temperature, especially for toddlers and babies. There’s a whole range of different thermometers available, but we loved the classic b&h Baby Thermometer.

Alongside the ability to monitor temperatures in both ℉ and °C, the digital display also features a clock as well as incorporating a number of safety features including a high/low temperature alarm.

The classic rubber duck design is also great for kids, with the thermometer made from ABS/PVC environmental protection material and includes batteries as standard. Best of all? All of this comes in way below $20 so you’re getting a great bargain too!


  • Classic rubber duck design
  • Readings in both ℉ and °C
  • Safety features such as max/min alarm


  • None

Best Thermometer for AquariumsCapetsma Aquarium Thermometer

Fish lovers will know that keeping water temperature consistent is essential to creating the perfect envionment for their underwater friends. Whilst there’s a number of old school aquarium thermometers, the Capetsma Aquarium Thermometer is a fancy bit of kit!

With its large and transparent digital display measuring both ℉ and °C, this termometer is a permenant fixture for your aquarium that delivers on design as well as functionality. Simply stick it to the outside of the tank and the innovative probe measures water temperature through the glass!

This mean no more wires, no more wet hands, and no more messy cleaning, just accurate readings 24/7. It works across all water types, including salt water, and at well under $20 it’s an all round fantastic catch!


  • Large, transparent dial
  • Accurate readings
  • More innovative than legacy aquarium thermometers


  • None

Best Water Thermometer for PondsMarina Floating Thermometer

For those of you keeping your fish outside, the Floating Thermometer by Marina is the perfect tool to keep you taking accurate readings in the pond rather than the tank!

The dial reads across both ℉ and °C and stays perfectly upright in the water thanks to it’s buoyant design. Specially designed for those that keep fish, the dial also incorporates an ‘optimal temperature’ zone tailored to the temperatures required for tropical species.

If you do want to utilise it indoors, it also comes complete with an attachable suction cup for securing to a tank. But, whether you decide to use it indoors or outdoors, at around $5 you can put these into the pond without worry!


  • Floating design
  • Optimised for tropical water readings
  • Great price


  • Poor build quality
  • No digital features

Best Infrared Water ThermometerIR Thermometer Temp Gun by Wintact

All of the thermometers we’ve featured so far require some form of contact directly with water as well as being specialised for each of their specific purposes. If you’re looking for something high tech and contact free, we recommend the IR Temp Gun from Wintact.

This hand held infrared thermometer is great for taking readings in any situation across both ℉ and °C. It also has a range of extra functions such as continuous scanning, min/max readings and self calibration.

It comes complete with a 2 year manufacturer warranty, includes batteries, and comes in at under $20. If you’re looking for a high tech, general alternative to any of the above water thermometers, this model by Wintact is great!


  • Digital features
  • Contact free
  • Great Price


  • Not specific to any purpose

And that’s it for our roundup of the best water thermometers on the market. Tracking temperature is essential for many aspects of day-to-day life and there are many different water thermometers perfect for each individual scenario. We’ve covered our favourites here but there are loads on the market so we have no doubt you’ll find the perfect thermometer for you!

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