An In-Depth Look Into Buying The Best Baby Scale

An In-Depth Look Into Buying The Best Baby Scale

The baby weight check process begun in the early 20th century and has become a vital part of infant health and growth monitoring.

It is essential to understand that babies lose weight after being born, however, just within twenty-four to seventy-four hours; the infant will start to gain weight.

That is why weighing your newborn is so vital – and should the little guy fail to meet the usual standard, it can reflect a lot of medical complications.

Best Baby Scale 

That is why it is essential for checking your baby’s weight on a daily basis. In light of this, mentioned below are some of the best products available:

Winner: Health o Meter Baby Scale (2 in 1)

The two in one baby scale by Health o Meter is a fantastic invention, and there isn't anything quite like the product. The infant and toddler weight measuring device grows with your child. 

As your kid gradually grows, gets taller and more prominent, the scale converts from a flat tray to a cuddly and safe teddy bear platform that perfectly holds your child in place.

The Health o Meter baby scale is nothing short of versatile and budget-friendly. Not to mention it will last you a lifetime if you take care of the maintenance. It is perfect for newborns all the way to toddlers.

The infant scale ensures you get an accurate reading with precise measurements. And that is thanks to the device’s “Hold” feature, which mainly captures the average numbers of the baby – especially when the infant moves, tosses and turns a lot on the scale.

Plus, the scale also has a “Zero Out” feature that is mainly to factor the weight of the diapers the little angel is wearing or any other form of clothing or a blanket.

Health o Meter Baby Scale (2 in 1)



The accurate baby scale also comes with a Bonus Growth Chart Book that helps monitor and track your bundle of joy's weight, so you never forget what it is and keep feeding him a balanced meal full of proteins and carbs.

Operating the device is straightforward. Just keep the product on a flat surface, the floor should be level. 

Keep the device over the bathroom counter or a tiled surface for maximum precision and accuracy. If you keep the product on a soft surface – like a thick rug, then you may struggle with getting the right results.

The weighing scale accurately measures how much your newborn weighs within 0.1-kg (0.5-oz). That precision measurement helps make sure your little bundle of joy is eating all the good stuff and in the right quantities.

Plus, it also monitors his growth patterns between the doctor’s appointments.  Once the child gets more significant than the weighing scale, you can convert the flat tray into a larger space – and that tray will weight your kids up to 60 pounds. 

The LCD digital screen is straightforward to read, and the weighing scale comes with a security lock so that your baby does not fall or the product doesn't move or anything. It allows for a lot of stability.

Runner-Up: Taylor Salter Baby Scale

There is no question that it is the responsibility of every good parent to make sure their infant eat well and keeps his weight up – growing into a healthy toddler. And one of the most vital factors that contribute towards your baby’s health is the systematic process of checking his weight from time to time.

And the best way to do that is to use baby weight scales. But you can measure how big your kid is by putting him on your average bathroom-scale – you need something robust, secure and straightforward to use.

That is mainly where the Taylor Salter baby scale comes into play. The company is a reputed manufacturer of baby products in the US. Plus, their baby weighing machine has all the things that you require, such as a fantastic design and top-notch build quality.

The very first thing that you will notice about the product is how high-quality it looks. The model is quite futuristic has curves that will keep your infant safe.

Taylor Salter Baby Scale



The weighing scale has plenty of enhancements and is quite durable. The product is for toddlers and babies only. The machine is built-in with a tray where you put your child and measure his weight.

And when he grows up, remove the tray and lay him on the flat surface of the product. What this enhancement does is extend the product shelf life, and you won't feel as if you have to store it for good after a certain period.

The Taylor Salter baby weighing scale is accurate. You need something that can precisely chart the baby weight every month because he will undoubtedly be gaining some every thirty days or so – the traditional machine does not have that quality.

Moreover, the weighing scale also measures and display minor increases, measuring changes up to 0.5-oz.  That means the device can weight subtle changes in your kid’s size.

The product is quite sensitive – however, the sensitivity does not translate into a loss of capacity. Plus, the scale can withstand up to forty-five pounds without any complications.

The baby scale comes with a plastic scoop (21.5-inches x 10-inches) – that for additional security as well as comfort. Moreover, the device also has a “Hold” feature, which means the machine will give accurate measurements even if the baby starts moving.

Alternative: Ozeri Baby Scale All In One

When it comes to quality and ease-of-use, there is nothing better to check your baby's weight with than the Ozeri infant scale. It is an all-in-one product that combines two vital factors – weight and height measurement. 

The machine incorporates state-of-the-art technology, looks futuristic and comes with built-in memory and growth charts for babies as per gender. Plus, the device also has a head circumference measuring tape, arming you with everything you need to ensure your infant is growing into a healthy and happy toddler.

The Ozeri infant weight scale measures how much your baby weighs within 0.1 ounces or 0.005 kilograms. The maximum weight capacity of the Ozeri baby scale is 55pounds (25 kilograms). It has top-notch accuracy as well as features such a built-in memory system. You can store up to eight different profiles for your infant(s).

The machine also has automatic profile recognition and stores fifteen individual weigh-ins for every toddler. That helps you monitor all the data concerning your infant’s growth rate in between your visits to the doctor.

Ozeri Baby Scale All In One



Moreover, the digital baby scale has a sliding board for measurement that automatically captures your baby’s weight and height and keeps it in digital format. The machine is parent-friendly and easy to store.

However, make sure you place the machine on a hard and even surface for accurate results. The device has a memory storage system built-in, which will allow you to store up to 15 height and weight measurement profiles for your toddler(s).

Plus, you can use the machine for two to three infants/toddlers. You will never need another weighing device for babies. But perhaps one of the best features of the weighing machine is the fact you can measure your baby's height and weight in kilograms-centimeters or pounds-inches.

The device also has a Tare button that automatically factors out the weight of your baby’s clothes, blanket or the diaper he is wearing, giving you a net weight determination. The Ozeri baby scale is quite stable and secure, which means you will not have a problem weighing your baby no matter how much moves or thrashes around.

2nd Alternative: iSnow-Med Technology Digital Infant And Toddler Weighing Scale

There is nothing more vital than to ensure your baby eats and drinks well to keep his weight up and grow stronger and healthier. Although plenty of parents don't frequently check their infant's weight – it is something you cannot neglect at all.

Weight loss is typically one of the first few signs that your baby isn't getting the right nutrition, or even if he is and is still losing weight every month, it is a cause for concern, and you should immediately rush to the doctors. But to know there is something wrong or nothing at all, you have to have a constant weight checking machine.

Measuring your baby's height and weight is a fundamental aspect of his health. And because babies gain weight every month, or lose some of it due to various reasons, you always have to have a good idea about how healthy your little angel is – and when it becomes essential to visit the doctor.

iSnow-Med Technology Digital Infant And Toddler Weighing Scale



Although a lot of people use traditional bathroom scales to measure the weight of their babies, those machines will do you no good. You need something comfortable, safe, versatile and straight-forward.

And that is where the iSnow-Med digital weighing scale for infants comes into play. The company is a renowned manufacturer of baby products and is famous for incorporating futuristic options and enhancements to its products. 

Their baby weigh scale is no different and is very user-friendly and secure.  With the iSnow baby scale, you can measure his weight at home without any complications.

With a minor ten gram give or take – you can accurately measure your baby’s weight on a daily or weekly basis. The device also comes built-in with a memory system that stores your baby’s profile for easy record keeping.

3rd Alternative: Beurer Baby Digital Weighing Scale

You can now keep track of your baby's weight without breaking a sweat. And that is all thanks to the reliable and futuristic infant weighing scale by Beurer. Moreover, one of the best things about this versatile and durable baby scale is the fact it has curves that guarantee the little bundle of joy’s safety.

Plus, by weighing your baby on a daily basis, you will know how healthy his growth pattern is or whether he is losing weight, which can be a troubling sign. However, you have to understand that a baby usually sheds around five to seven percent of his birth weight in the first initial days of his life.

But he will regain this lost weight in around two weeks – and that is the point where you have to start weighing him on a daily basis. And the Beurer machine is ideal for the process. It is straightforward to use, has a digital screen and built-in memory.  

Moreover, another reason why you should opt for the Beurer weighing machine for infants is the fact that you can use to measure how big your pets are! It is versatile; you can use the machine to weight small pets like cats or small-breed dogs, parrots, rabbits, etc.

Beurer Baby Digital Weighing Scale



So along with checking how healthy your infant is, you can also ensure your pets are getting all their nutritional requirements fulfilled as well. The machine has a curved platform with digital display. That helps enhance your baby's comfort.

You can also place your baby’s favorite towel or his blankie on the weighing scale to make the process more comfortable.

Another fantastic feature of the Beurer infant weighing machine is the fact it has a Tare option, which means you get accurate results despite anything your baby is wearing. That includes diapers, blanket, clothes, shoes, etc.

The machine also has a lock and hold feature (automatic and manual). That is truly astounding. The automatic lock begins functioning when the weighing machine stabilizes. It detects the accurate value. You can see the results on the digital screen – it remains there for around twenty seconds.

However, your little bundle of joy is moving and thrashing around; you are going to have to switch to the manual stabilization mode. All you have to do is press the hold button as soon as your kid settles down. You will see the word ‘hold’ flash for around three seconds before the result is displayed.

Why Do You Need The Best Baby Scale?

Just after a couple of days of being born, infants start to lose weight. Low birthweight is an indication of an underlying medical complication. And the infant must be evaluated immediately.

Low birthweight links to a variety of medical reasons with premature birth being one of the common issues. But typically speaking, if your baby doesn't weight healthy, he will stand a risk of not growing strong and healthy. Some of the most common health complications of infants with low birthweight include:

  • Reduced levels of oxygen, which isn’t good for the vital organs – especially at birth
  • The baby will not be able to maintain an optimal body temperature
  • He will face difficulties feeding and gaining a healthy weight
  • He will be prone to infections
  • Respiratory complications

Almost all babies born with low birthweight have to rush to intensive care for more in-depth and close medical evaluation. However, the rate of survival for low birthweight babies is 95% - that is for babies weighing between 1.6 to 2.6 kilograms.

Sure, it is natural for a parent to think that their baby is going to keep on gaining weight thanks to the mother milk as well as other dietary elements as he grows up. But you have to understand that this is not always the case. There are plenty to reason that shed light on why babies may start to lose weight after they come into this world.

Weighing Baby On Scale

And all these reasons aren’t that well known. First up, the little angels are in H2O (water); that is because they have been floating inside the mother's amniotic fluid. Ninety-nine percent of the amniotic fluid is nothing but electrolytes and water. And the majority of that water is eliminated.

Another reason for a baby’s weight loss is the fact that his system has to learn how to properly digest the milk he drinks via breastfeeding because he fed through the umbilical cord. When the infant is just about two week of age, he should have begun gaining the weight he lost.

However, you are going to have to measure his weight on a daily basis to see whether the little guy is doing alright or not.  And the only way you can do that is through a reliable, comfortable and versatile baby weighing scale. Infant scales come with a variety of benefits. Not only are they safe for the baby.

Moreover, baby scales are built-in with digital memory, which means you can keep on checking your kid's weight on a daily basis and not worry about manually recording his profile. You can access his profile anytime and compare how much weight he gained or lost during a month.

Moreover, with an infant weighing machine, you can use the Tare option to accurately get an accurate number irrespective of whether or not he is wearing a diaper, shoes, clothes or his blanket. The Tare deducts the additional calculation giving you a precise number.

Things To Pay Attention To When Choosing The Best Baby Scale For Your Infant

Buying the best baby scale isn’t that tricky, but it pays to select the right option. There are some fundamental elements you need to consider before making the final decision.

A lot of parents opt for pricier products and that end up disappointed with what they have – which is why you need to be sure that what you are buying is user-friendly, safe and has a prolonged shelf life.

So, whenever you’re looking for the best baby scale online to track and monitor the little guy stages of growth every single day, you will end up with a variety of options. That is where you need to stop and think that every kid born is unique and typically have varying growth rates.

In light of this, mentioned below are some vital factors you should keep in mind when going for the best baby scale:

The “Hold” Button

Top-notch infant weighing machines come with an automatic and manual lock and hold options. However, some models do not have the hold option and are pretty basic. Don't look at them. What the hold option does is provide you with an accurate number even when the little guy is wiggling, moving and thrashing.

Maximum Capacity Of Weight

It is better to use one weighing scale for your infant and toddler. That is why it is essential that you select a product that has optimal weight allowance. Most machines don't come with a max limit and are only for infants. However, the best baby scales is for both toddlers and infants. 

The Infant Tray

Look for machines that come with infant trays. The object is useful when it comes to measuring newborns and one-month-olds. The tray acts as a form of support and comfort. Top quality weighing machines have padded and curved trays to keep the baby comfortable.


It is better to opt for a baby weighing machine that offers you analyses in pounds and kilograms, inches and centimeters. You can be more precise with these systems, especially when it comes to medical reasons.

Baby Scale

Data Accuracy

The best baby scale will always deliver accurate results, which are vital when it comes to keeping an ongoing record and data of your baby.

The “Tare” Or “Zero Function” Option

That is a very vital element because it helps deduct excess weight. You will always get an accurate reading even if the baby is wearing his favorite blanket, a diaper, clothes, shoes, etc.

Additional Features

Apart from the essentials, you can get a model with other features such as Wi-Fi functionality. Or you can opt for a machine that comes built-in with lullabies to keep your baby comfortable and relaxed.  

Bottom Line

So there you have it – a comprehensive look into the importance of baby weighing scales and the best products money can buy!

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