Common Cold And Babies

Common Cold And Babies

There’s nothing worse than your baby’s first cold and it’s something that most parents will probably want to forget. During their first year, common cold in babies happens quite a lot so you need to be prepared in how to deal with it.

The signs of common cold in babies are much like they are with adults, so they’re pretty easy to spot. You might notice a runny nose, congestion, high temperature, or general discomfort, but it differs for each child. Unlike adults, though, it’s not safe or easy to just get some medication to deal with it, so we need to know how we can help our little ones feel better.

Dealing with the treatment of common cold in babies is all about making them feel comfortable and noticing the signs that something might be wrong. All parents will have to deal with colds now and then, so this knowledge will come in handy more than once.

How To Help With Babies Common Cold

Baby With Fever

Babies are prone to common colds and it’s believed that they develop between eight and 10 colds before they turn two years old. Here are some tips you can use to make the period of sickness better for them and keep them safe.

  • Note their temperature: Using a baby thermometer, keep an eye on their temperature to watch for signs of fever
  • Dress accordingly: Dress them for the weather and keep in mind they may be feeling hot or cold, so don’t overdo it
  • Hydrate and feed: Keep their fluids up and if they are feeding, offer them small but frequent portions of food so they retain their energy
  • Use steam: Turn the hot shower on for a while and let your bathroom fill with steam, and sit in there with your baby to let them breathe in the air
  • Keep an eye on their condition: Look for serious signs like increased irritability, refusal of food and drink, vomiting and diarrhea, high temperatures, or a lack of movement or energy. Call a doctor or health professional for advice if you notice them worsening

Speaking To The Experts

Doctor Examing Baby

Most of the time, we can easily treat common cold symptoms in babies at home. However, you may need to reach out to a medical professional if your baby doesn’t show any signs of getting better or even seems to be getting worse.

It’s never recommended to give your baby over the counter cold medication, so if you think they’re in need of something more you should book in to see their doctor. Common colds are quite common indeed, but when it comes to our little bundles of joy, we don’t want to take chances that anything else could be wrong.



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