Ankovo Digital Thermometer Review

Ankovo Digital Thermometer Review

No home would be complete without their own box of medical supplies, with everything from medication to ointments and all those in between, but one thing that no box should be without is a quality thermometer. Too many homes might have one of these handy devices in their kit, but they’re so outdated that all they’re really doing is taking up space.

Most thermometers from the past have one thing or another wrong with them, whether it’s the fact that you can’t get your kid to sit still long enough to read their temperature or you have trouble reading the results on the outdated window.

Using Ankovo Digital Thermometer On Baby

What you need is a modern approach to medical supplies, so you can take care of the family with simplicity and efficiency.

The Ankovo Digital Thermometer could be exactly what you’ve been looking for, with an easy to use approach to checking the family’s temperature from babies to adults. This is a quality thermometer you can invest in that will last your child from their baby years to adulthood, and will always deliver an accurate and fast result.

This thermometer works in just seconds, so even if you’re trying to read the temperature of a sleeping baby or a wriggling child, you’ll have no problems getting an accurate reading. With one of these in your medical supply kit, you won’t know what you ever did without it.

About The Product

Ankovo is a trusted name in the medical supplies industry, with a range of thermometers made to suit every need. The Ankovo Digital Ear and Forehead Thermometer is the perfect choice for families, as it offers you two options for checking even the smallest member of your family’s temperature.

Investing the Ankovo Digital Thermometer will get you a range of benefits that your traditional mercury thermometer just couldn’t offer. When you purchase this device, you’ll be getting:

  • Option for either ear thermometer or forehead scan thermometer
  • Shows 20 previous readings to help track your temperature history
  • Fever warning to alert you when temperature is high
  • Two buttons for ease of use and reading in limited time

When you’re ready to ditch the outdated and dangerous mercury thermometer and want something that can give fast and accurate readings at the touch of a button, you’ll be happy to invest in the Ankovo Digital Thermometer. This state of the art device can revolutionize the way you take temperatures, so it’s no longer a stressful and long winded chore.

Ankovo Medical Digital Thermometer Features

If you want to invest in a quality device for your home medical supplies and want to ensure your children are getting the best, you won’t be disappointed with the Ankovo Digital Thermometer. This is one of the more affordable digital thermometers available, without sacrificing on any of the important features.

Pros And Cons

For the price, this is definitely one of the better types of digital thermometer you can get, with a great accuracy reading judging by the reviews. You may need to try it a few times in order to find the angle to work the ear thermometer but once you do, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re getting accurate results.

As is the case with some of the other digital thermometers, the sound can be an issue. It would be better if this came with a silent function which gave you the option to make it completely quiet, otherwise, you run the risk of waking up sleeping babies and children if you’re trying to check their temperature at night.

The best thing about this thermometer is that even if you have a baby or child who won’t keep still you can manage to get an accurate reading. Simply place it over the forehead and it will be able to tell you in mere seconds, which makes it well worth the price when compared to traditional mercury thermometers.

Buying Advice

If you’re ready to upgrade your family’s medical supplies and only want the best on the market, you can head to Amazon for a great price on the Ankovo Digital Thermometer. They currently have 70% off this model, so you can get it for under $30 which is exceptionally good value when considering the cost of other thermometers.

Amazon also has a great deal on their Protection Plans, so you’re able to get three years of warranty coverage for electrical and mechanical faults on the Ankovo Digital Thermometer for under $4.

This means that on top of the warranty offered by Ankovo, you’re also protected for another three years, so this is a thermometer that can take your children from their baby years to beyond.

Ankovo Medical Digital Thermometer


When you buy one of these thermometers, you will need to pay a small shipping fee, however, if you get one for a loved one or to have as a backup, you’ll qualify for free postage. As an added bonus, anyone with an Amazon Prime account will get theirs sent express which means your family can start using it within two days.

Final Thoughts

For a quality digital thermometer that offers both ear and forehead readings, the Ankovo Digital is one of the best choices. Not only does it have all of the important qualities you look for in a piece of medical equipment for the home, but it comes in at just a fraction of the cost of most others too.

When you’re ready to stop taking chances with your family’s health and want to invest in something quality and accurate, you can’t go wrong with the Ankovo Digital Thermometer. As soon as you make the change to an infrared thermometer, you’ll wonder how you lived all these years without one, so purchase it today.

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