6 Best Analog Outdoor Thermometers From $9+ [2021]

outdoor analog thermometers

In one way or another, many garden have an outdoor thermometer. Whether that’s to help with the gardening, keep track of your patio temperature or simply as a decorative feature, there’s a wide range of outdoor thermometers out there.

outdoor analog thermometers

And in a world of digital technology, there’s something warm, comforting and quite frankly stylish about a traditional analog model.

If you agree and you’re looking for an analog thermometer for outside of your home, you’ve come to the right place – in today’s review, we’re going to take at look at the best analog outdoor thermometers on the market.

Specifically, we’re going to be comparing them on their functionality, design and price as well as alinging them with their perfect use case for those of you looking for something specific!

Ready? Let’s get started!

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Best Overall Analog Outdoor Thermometer – Bjerg Instruments 12″ Steel Patio Wall Thermometer

If you want an analog outdoor thermometer that just ticks all the boxes, the Bjerg Instruments 12″ Patio thermometer is a great place to start.

With it’s large 12″ dial, tracking in both ℉ and °C, easy-to-read high contrast dial and sturdy stainless stell construction, it just has everything you need from an outdoor thermometer.

It’s highly accurate too thanks to the combination of fine needle pointer and small defined measuring scale. Better still, if you find that your Bjerg thermometer has fallen out of calibration, you can manually re-adjust it back to perfect performance too.

At just under $40, there are a number of cheaper thermometers out there, but not many give the complete package of design, functionality and robustness to deliver accurate readings all year round!


  • Meausres in both ℉ and °C
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Easy to read dial
  • Manual calibration for maximum accuracy


  • Price – slightly more expensive but worth the investment

Best Analog Outdoor Thermometer for Design – Taylor Precision Products 481CR Heritage

If you’re a fan of the traditional look and feel of older analog thermometers, the Heritage Thermometer by Taylor Precision Products combines great functionality with that vintage design style.

The 4.25″ dial mounts onto a sturdy aliminium frame that’s coated in an antique copper finish to create that traditional styling. It measures in both ℉ and °C covering a wide range of -40 to +120 ℉, so you’ll be traking accurate temperatures all year round!

There’s no need to worry about wear and tear here either, as the Heritage thermometer features weatherproof glass and an anodized coating for durability against the outdoor elements.

At just $15 you’re getting an absolute bargain here as well. Not only do you get the great design and functionality we’ve covered above, it’s also super easy to install thanks to the clever mounting bracket complete with screws!


  • Classy, traditional design
  • Meausres in both ℉ and °C
  • Easy to install mounting bracket


  • Smaller dial

Best for functionality – Brannan Max Min Thermometer and Hygrometer

If you’re looking to track a little bit more than just the point in time temperature but don’t want to go digital, why not take a look at the Max Min Thermometer and Hygrometer from Brannan?

First things first, this thermometer looks great! With it’s half circle temperature dial running across the top and Hygrometer at the bottom, it looks nice and traditional with even some nauitcal design themes.

This thermometer tracks across both ℉ and °C and incorporates a great max/min functionality setting, with the corresponding red and blue indicators showing the highest and lowest temperatures since last reset.

Along the bottom, that Hygrometer tracks air humidity making it a versatile thermometer that could also be used in the greenhouse too! At well under $15, it’s also fantastic value for money and not a huge investment if you wanted to pick up two or three.


  • Includes additional max, min & hygrometer features
  • Measure in both ℉ and °C
  • Nice traditional design


  • Reports of poor build quality

Best value for moneyTaylor Precision Products 5159 5-1/4-Inch Diameter

If you’re price conscious or looking to get an outdoor thermometer on a budget, the Taylor Precision 5159 is a great device for tracking temperature without going above the $10 mark.

Despite that cheap price, you’ll get measurements in both ℉ and °C as well as having a great tracking range from -60℉ to +120℉. It comes complete with a mounting bracket and is built to be entirely waterproof.

Reviewers also note that the 5159 is super accurate even when tested against digital coounterparts. All of this adds up to a great analog outdoor thermometer which, at under $10, is an absolute steal!

Taylor Precision Products 5159 5-1/4-Inch Diameter Outdoor Thermometer - Quantity 1


  • Measure in both ℉ and °C
  • Great price
  • Accurate functionality


  • Small dial
  • Basic design

Best premium option – Whitehall Tree of Life 16″ Wall Thermometer

If you’re planning on your thermometer becoming the centre piece of your garden you’ll want to invest in something premium. If that’s you, we’d recommend the Whitehall Tree of Life 16″ Indoor Outdoor Wall Thermometer.

Constructed from premium-grade aluminum alongside an intricately designed Tree of Life design, this outdoor wall thermometer is a high-class option for those looking for an eye-catching piece.

This premium finish extends to the construction as well thanks to the Alumi-Shield™ all weather coating and the high quality movement that guarantees accuracy.

As you can imagine, a thermometer like this doesn’t come cheap. At just under $100, the Whitehall Tree of Life wall thermometer is the perfect addition for those looking for a truly premium outdoor thermometer.


  • Premium design
  • High quality Alumi-Shield™ coating


  • High price
  • Not as accurate as others

Best Analog Outdoor Thermometer for Easy Reading – Taylor Precision Products 6700 Big & Bold Wall Thermometer

Especially if you’re putting yout thermometer outside, there’s a good chance you’ll be looking at it from a little bit further away. Luckily the 6700 Big & Bold Wall Thermometer by Taylor Precision is easy to read no matter the distance.

At a massive 13.25″ in diameter the dial is huge and houses a large ℉ scale around the edge which measures all the way from -60 to +120. There’s an inside scale for °C too and thanks to that extra large display you can get accurate readings down to +/- 2℉.

It’s also built from shatter-proof lens and has a weather-resistant finish, both of which prevents damage from the outdoor elements. If you’re looking to keep your garden stylish it also comes in 7 different style options.

It’s also a bargain too at around $13 and had over 4000 reviews on Amazon making it a trusted thermometer for any outdoor situation!


  • Large dial display
  • Measure in both ℉ and °C
  • Multiple colour options


  • Simple design

And that’s it for our roundup of the best analog outdoor thermometers on the market. Whether you just want a nice garden decoration or you’re looking to keep accurate track of your garden temperature, the good news is there’s a range of analog ourdoor thermometers out there which are perfect for every different use and taste!

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