AcuRite Thermometer Review (& Comparison to ThermoPro / Govee) 2021

acurite thermometers

If you’re heading into the market for a thermometer there’s a good chance you’ll come across at least one AcuRite model. That’s because the brand has been leading the way in highly accurate weather instruments since 1943.

A brand that lasts that long must be doing something right and with hundreds of products with thousands of reviews, it’s hard to deny that if you need a certain type of thermometer AcuRite may be the brand for you!

acurite thermometers

In this article, we’re going to take a look at Acurite in a little more detail to understand why customers love them so much! We’ll then pick out the 3 best AcuRite thermometers for different use cases, reviewing them on their features, price, pros and cons before finishing up with a competitor comparison.

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Brief History of AcuRite

AcuRite’s parent company, Chaney Instrument Co, were founded in 1943 and have built a hard earned reputation of high quality weather products. They’re now a leading manufacturer of weather products and devices designed to enhance the monitoring of your local environment.

As of 1987, Chaney Instrument Co. was purchased by the Primex Family of Companies, the largest producer of quartz clock movements in the U.S. ultimately achieving an annual output of over 10 million clock motors.

Today AcuRite pride themselves on the title of North America’s #1 weather monitoring brand. But despite this title, the brand continue to push forward and innovate the weather monitoring space with a range of indoor and outdoor monitoring tools which are perfect for every need.

What people like about AcuRite

AcuRite’s innovative and trusted technolgies have made them firm favourite with consumers. Specifically, AcuRite thermometers are known for their:

  • Ease of Use – Whether the model is analogue or digital, you can be sure that the device is easy to setup and use to keep track of your local surrounding.
  • Reliability – AcuRite products are built with high quality materials and assembled by expert teams of engineers to ensure they deliver geat results. Couple this with their friendly in house support teams and you get a reliable and professional service form start to finish with AcuRite.
  • Accuracy – Lastly, no weather monitoring tool is worth it’s salt without being highly accurate. All AcuRite products are tested to a high standard before leaving the warehouse and often match or outperform even their more expensive competitors.

3 popular AcuRite thermometers

We’ve picked out three of the most popular AcuRite thermometers on the market to give you a deeper review of some of their products.

AcuRite 00613 Digital Hygrometer & Indoor Thermometer Review

With over 30,000 certified review on Amazon, the AcuRite 00613 Thermometer is a customer favourite and one of AcuRite’s most popular products.

Its compact size (3″ H x 2.5″ W x 1.3″ D) and wide temperature measuring range (32 – 122℉) make it the perfect indoor thermometer for day-to-day use allowing users to keep track of the temperature inside their home.

This is coupled with the added benefit of a hygrometer to measure and track humidity to ensure your home environment is just perfect all round. There’s also the added bonus of high/low tracker for both humidity and temperature so you can monitor fluctuations throughout the day.

The configurable ‘Home Comfort’ indicator also makes it easy to manage the perfect conditions within your home to ensure the whole family are safe and sound.

Outside of the core functionality, the thermometer also has a kickstand or magnetic backing to give multiple options when mounting or placing throughout the home with some users reporting over 2 years of life from a single battery!

Best of all, you’ll be able to pick up the 00613 for well under $15, making it a no brainer as the perfect indoor thermometer!


  • Digital display
  • Temperature and humidity measurements
  • High/low features
  • Long battery life


  • None

AcuRite 02082M Home Temperature & Humidity Station Review

If you need an indoor thermometer set that’s versatile and provides readings throughout the home, the 02062M model could well be the one for you.

By combining three external temperature sensors with a 4th built into the monitor itself, this set allows for simultaneous recording across 4 locations both inside and outside the home.

A nicely designed colour display combines with features such as a 12 to 24-hour weather forecast, humidity gauge, barometric pressure reader, temperature alarms and a time/date function to give an all round great measurement tool.

With over 1500 certified customer reviews, the 02082M is certainly a popular model for those who need to keep track of their home conditions. Some reviewers do comment on the accuracy of this model being limited (usually within 10%) so it’s a point to be aware of if you need super high accuracy.

At around $50, this is a real step up from the entry model we saw before, but does offer an all-in-one solution to tracking you indoor conditions as well as some handy additional features for those who need that little bit extra.


  • Colour display
  • Multiple sensors for up to 4 readings
  • Great feature set


  • Not highly accurate
  • Slightly more expensive

AcuRite 00620A2 Stainless Steel Oven Thermometer Review

Alongside creating generic indoor thermometers, AcuRite also specialise in some niche offerings in different categories. One of their most popular is the 00620A2 that’s specialised for reading your oven remperature whilst cooking.

Made from high quality stainless steel, this thermometer has the ability to measure temperatures from 150 – 600℉ and is safe for both grilling and ovening so it can be used no matter what’s on the menu!

Naturally, a thermometer like this is going to take some wear and tear. But there’s no need to worry, the device is NSF certified and comes with a limited 10 year warranty so that you’re in safe hands.

The thermometer utilises a analogue design style, making it easy to read through the oven glass and has a handy measurement gague for optimum warming, roasting, baking and broiling heats.

The hook design also means it can be hung from cooking racks as well as stood up on it’s sturdy stainless steel base. At under $15, it’s also a bargain price for those that need a specialised thermometer for cooking up a storm!


  • Specalised for cooking
  • Hardy stainless steel construction
  • 10 year warranty


  • None

Key Competitors – ThermoPro & Govee

Whilst Acurite are a leading player in the thermometer market, especially when it comes to indoor thermometers there are a couple of other names that will crop up when searching for your next device. The two biggest are ThermoPro and Govee – let’s take a look at each in turn and how they stack up!

AcuRite vs ThermoPro Comparison

ThermoPro are relatively new to the market having only been established in 2014. Despite their relativelyt short life, they’ve risen up in the digital thermometer market to become one of the most popular in the market, especially within the commercial sector.

The main reason customers love ThermoPro are for their competitive prices. The brand say this is because of their close relationship with manufacturers as well as their customer-targeted products that ensure their products are streamlined and efficient.

Why Choose ThermoPro over AcuRite – Good value for money

Why not check out an example product?

Their entry level model, the TP50, is very similar to the AcuRite 00613 we saw earlier as a combined thermometer and hygrometer. This model has over 70,000 certified customer reviews and is well worth checking out.

AcuRite vs Govee Comparison

Govee are another new player to the thermometer market, this time only coming to life in 2017. That short life is due to the fact Govee were founded as a smart home devices company and have since branched out into other indoor devices, including thermometers.

Customers flock to Govee for one reason – technology. As you can imagine, a company with roots in the smart home sector ensure their devices are fully connected and Govee thermometers all link into Govee’s iOS and Android apps.

Why Choose Govee over AcuRite – Better technology

Why not check out an example product?

Again, we’ll hold us Govee’s Temperature Humidity Monitor as a direct competitor to the AcuRite 00613. Whilst you’ll get much of the same features on the digital display, the real power of this device is connecting up to Govee’s app via bluetooth. Here you’ll be able to see 20 days worth of live data feeds as well as have the ability to download up to 2 years worth of historical tracking information.

When you consider this thermometer is also the same price at around $12, for tech lovers this model could be a great alternative to AcuRite.


All in all it’s fair to say that AcuRite are one of the best and most popular thermometer brands on the market. They offer a comprehensive range of different indoor thermometer options to ensure you can keep track of your local environment. They also provide some specialized models if you need to keep track of temperature in niche situations.

Whilst they’re a great all-rounder, they do have some stiff competition from the likes of ThermoPro and Govee so it’s always worth fully surveying the market before making your choice of indoor thermometer.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this Acurite Thermometer Review and hope to see you again soon for another article!

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